NABBA USA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics:

            We believe that the sport of bodybuilding is an ideal means for achieving total physical fitness and bodily perfection.  It is a constructive force for developing discipline of the mind as well as of the body.  We believe that this discipline should find expression not only in good health habits and planned physical exercise, but also in clean living, good sportsmanship and incorrect and friendly relationships between competitors, officials and administrators.  To meet these ends we published the following codes of ethics for the guidance of competitors and officials of NABBA USA.


We, the bodybuilders, realizing that our conduct reflects on the good name of the sport of bodybuilding, and realizing the responsibility thereby placed upon us, pledge ourselves:

1).  To fulfill our responsibility to society, to our coaches, and to the officials, promoters and administrators of NABBA USA.

2).  To honor, dignify and support the sport of bodybuilding by competing to the best of our ability and to be in top shape when giving an exhibition or a seminar.

3).  To respect our opponents on equal terms in the spirit of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship.

4).  To respect the rules of competition and to observe them honestly in cooperation with the officials.

5).  To accept the decisions of the judges in the spirt of good sportsmanship without descending to selfish recriminations, realizing that those decisions have been made honestly and objectively.

6).  To continue striving for bodily perfection and correct moral principles.

7).  To honor the special trust conferred on us by our participation and representation of our country and to adhere to the standard of personal conduct expected of us.

8).  To recognize the value of bodybuilding and to promote its future by serving as an example to inspire other young people to participate.

9).  To cooperate with our administrators in the development of high standards, both moral and physical, for the sport of bodybuilding and in the progressive furtherance of the aims of NABBA UAA.

10).  Win, lose or draw you will shake the hand and congratulate your opponents